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Recorder's Uniform Filing and Miscellaneous Fees:

Recording of Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Release Deeds, Powers Of Attorney, Hospital Liens, Medical Liens, Mechanic’s Liens, State and Federal Tax Liens, and any Recordable instruments except as otherwise described below.

Recordable Instrument Requirements:
1.    Original instrument
2.    Notarized signature
3.    Tax statement return address on document
4.    Name instrument preparer
5.    Revenue stamps on warranty deeds (if revenue changed hands)
6.    A self-addressed stamped envelope (if sending in by mail)
7.    Compliance with Standardized Form Act 757 of 2003  (Or refer to Arkansas Code § 14-15-402)

Type/Document Fee Amount
For the first page of notarization $15.00

For each additional of notarization Note: a two-sided instrument counts as two pages.

Materialman’s Lien and Certificate of Assessment $15.00
Recording of Oath of Notary $15.00
Certificate of Notary N/A
Surveys and Plats (sized 8½" by 14" or smaller) $15.00
Surveys and Plats (sized larger than 8½" by 14") $15.00
Certification of any Recorder's Documents $5.00
Copies of full-size plats N/A
DD2-14 Forms N/A

Court Fees:

Type/Document Fee Amount
For initiating a cause of action in the circuit court civil, domestic, and out of state judgments $165.00
Process servers and all appeals $150.00
For reopening a cause of action in the circuit court $50.00
Writs of executions $15.00
Lis-Pendens $15.00
Writs of Garnishments $15.00
Foreign Judgments (From a court in the State of AR) $15.00
Authentication of a Court Document or Court Record $7.00
Certification of a Court Document $5.00
Copy of a document $0.25

Online Payments

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