Welcome to the County Clerks Office

Mission Statement

"The county clerk shall serve, unless otherwise designated by county ordinance, as the secretariat of the quorum court. These duties involve keeping a complete permanent record of the proceedings of the Quorum Court including minutes, ordinances, resolutions and an index to provide easy access to the information (ACA 14-14-902 and 14-14-903)."

Connie T. Doss ,County ClerkAs clerk to the probate court, the clerk files all instruments making them a matter of record in decedent estate cases, and swears in all witnesses in contested estates. The clerk, also in this capacity, maintains all records relative to adoptions and guardianship cases within the county. The county clerk, or the clerk’s designee, serves as the secretary of the Board of Equalization and records the minutes of their meetings (ACA 26-27-307).

The clerk became the official voter registrar with the adoption of Amendment 51 to the Arkansas Constitution in 1966. The clerk maintains an accurate and up-to-date voter registration list within the office and stores the ballot boxes between elections. In addition, the clerk often handles most of the administrative details of each election for the County Board of Election Commissioners that are required by ACA 7-5-401 et seq.

The clerk issues marriage licenses (ACA 9-11-201), and keeps a record of all firms in the county which have incorporated (ACA 4-26-1201). The clerk issues special licenses allowing certain activities (ACA 26-76-102).

(Arkansas Association of Counties Handbook)